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Sixth Graders Collective List: “Twenty Things People Should Do More”

on December 20, 2013

The sixth graders blogged about things people should do (Or NOT do) more often. We will be working on filming these lists after the break (Kid President was our inspiration). In the meantime, I thought this list would bring some holiday cheer. Unedited & out of the mouths of babes….

1. Stop complaining (Or life will be ANNOYING)

2. Make magic real!

3. Give second chances

4. Play, enjoy life while you have it

5. Write a letter to Disney telling them that girls are not helpless

6. If you fall get back up, because if you don’t you’ll be on the ground for a long time

7. Tell the truth

8. Smile, it can make others happy

9. Listen to your parents! Give them a break!

10. Speak your heart out

11. Say nice things: you will make others feel better about themselves

12. BREATH 🙂

13. Donate to charities. No people should go hungry.

14. Don’t stress out. Stress is merely just a hurdle in your life, take a leap.

15. Start flash mobs 🙂

16. Make a cuddle island to cuddle in.

17. Read books as a family.

18. Try an armpit fart at the dinner table.

19. Listen to music. Dance if you want to, even if you’re not that good at dancing…

20. Laugh. But don’t laugh AT people. Laugh WITH them.

21. Smile at random people. You never know, it could be a person disguised as a friend.

22. Get Up and Do Something! Run around, kick a soccer ball, I dunno. Do whatever!

23. THINK ABOUT IT, think before you do.

24. Talk to people over the phone. Stop Texting.

25. Eat more BACON

26. Share your ideas

27. Be proud of who you are no matter what other people think of you, what matters is what you think of yourself.

28. Just scream and shout and let it all out. Mainly because it feels good.

29. Use more hashtags

30. Take a NAP!

31. Celebrate.-Who says you can only celebrate on special occasions, why not celebrate your A on a math quiz?

32. Tell a cheesy joke

33. Believe in yourself

Kid President Twenty Things People Should Say More Often


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