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8th Grade AVID Mentors

on January 13, 2012

It literally felt like the calvary had arrived! The 8th grade AVID class came to the rescue. With the creation of student web-sites, blogs, and creative story telling projects in the works, the 6th grade class was busy and in need of extra hands. The AVID kids at Walton took their roles as leaders seriously. They came down to room 21 and jumped right into work helping out sixth graders. As always with giving, it seemed small on the part of the givers but huge on the receiving end. Our kids got help posting work on their web-sites, creating blog pages, and rough drafts of projects started. It felt so nice to be part of such a helpful learning community! When we all come together, the work gets done and we have fun. The best sound to a teacher’s ears have been ringing in my room this week, “Class is over already!?”


One response to “8th Grade AVID Mentors

  1. Pam says:

    I love this story of multi-grade engagement- it really demonstrates the power of kids collaborating and teaching each other – a positive learning experience- thank you for sharing this-

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