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If I Had a Story to Tell

on January 2, 2012

Why do we teach English? Accessing information and relaying information are at the heart of what we teach. In many ways, we are teaching kids how to think (not to be mistaken with what to think). As we study various ways of story telling, students will have the opportunity to tell a story of their own choosing. We are going to talk about the many ways to access stories (not just reading) and to tell stories (not just writing). We want kids to feel free enough in this unit to explore, discover, and take risks without the fear of failure.
Today in class we looked at various forms of storytelling. We watched pieces of the New York Ballet, Niki Minaj’s video, Tom and Jerry Cartoon, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The students discussed in partners if each piece was or was not a story. They were given the directions that there were “no right answers.” As a class they discovered some powerful pieces of information: stories can be orally or visually told. Stories can be visually seen through pictures or symbols (letters / words). Oral stories can be spoken or sung. They also debated which stories were easier to understand and WHY. The conclusion was come to that stories were better understood with prior background knowledge. It was neat to watch the kids discover on their own.


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