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Holiday Project

on December 7, 2011

Check out what some of the students have created! Choosing a special picture, students were encouraged to write a short piece about a favorite holiday memory. With a focus on imagery and detail in storytelling, students wrote beautiful paragraphs. Using VoiceThread, students recorded their own pieces to share with others. While reading, students practiced oral fluency and expression. I’m posting a few for now with more to follow!

Puppy's Christmas
Lights of Thanksgiving
Christmas at Church


2 responses to “Holiday Project

  1. Keely McCall says:

    Everyone’s projects that I saw were amazing! Everyone used great figurative language and diction. What was so special and unique about them was the memories were so specific to the person who was telling the story. No one else could have written what you all did because it was special only to you. I love them! They turned out perfect! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see more wonderful work you all are going to be doing!

  2. Ciana says:

    This is cool! I want to make one! (:

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