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Freak the Mighty Glog

The students read a book entitled Freak the Mighty. In groups, they created on-line posters called Glogsters. Here is an example of one group’s work.

Freak the Mighty Glog

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Holiday Project

Check out what some of the students have created! Choosing a special picture, students were encouraged to write a short piece about a favorite holiday memory. With a focus on imagery and detail in storytelling, students wrote beautiful paragraphs. Using VoiceThread, students recorded their own pieces to share with others. While reading, students practiced oral fluency and expression. I’m posting a few for now with more to follow!

Puppy's Christmas
Lights of Thanksgiving
Christmas at Church



The students worked on One-Pagers for the various novels they read in language arts class. One-pagers focus on visualizations, author’s word choice, and meta-cognitive journals about connections to the text.

Where the Read Fern Grows Illustration

Freak the Mighty One-Pager

Maniac Magee One-Pager

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle One-Pager

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Plot Summary

In studying plot summary, my students created comics of the characters moving through conflict, climax, and resolution. Here is an example of one student’s work with the short story “La Bamba” by Gary Soto.

Plot Summary for “La Bamba”

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