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Book Trailers

on November 27, 2011

After finishing literature circle books, 6th graders worked in groups to create book trailers. While reading students focused on author’s word choice, visualization, prediction, and inference. In group discussions and book trailer work, students had to work collaboratively in groups. We practiced active listening, responding, and presenting. Check out what the students’ produced…

Bad Boys by Walter Dean Myers

Where the Red Fern Grows Group 2

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Group 3


2 responses to “Book Trailers

  1. Mr. Kayser says:

    I’m impressed! You guys did a great job on these book trailers! The publishing companies should hire you to make these for them!

  2. Mrs. Agee says:

    Excellent work! In each of the trailers, you used just enough specific information from the novel to get the reader interested, then you left us hanging and wanting more. I haven’t read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (I’ve read Bad Boys and Where the Red Fern Grows), but I will now! Great job 6th grade writers – keep it up!
    BTW – loved your thankful wordles!

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