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Thankfulness Wordle Link

Thankfulness Wordle

With a focus on imagery and specific details, students went into a todaysmeet chat room and listed all the things they were thankful for in their lives. I took all of the posts and made a class wordle. People, places, or things listed by numerous students received a larger font size. Wanting to stay as neutral as possible, sports teams were listed together (VT vs UVA). This made for a fun activity prior to the break. BIG thanks to my principal who printed the papers off in color ink for each child to share with his / her family. Click on “Thankfulness Wordle” link to see a class example.

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Holiday Memories

Our class is working on a project about holiday memories. Students are encouraged to bring in a photo and tell about a favorite memory. In our writing we are working on details, imagery, and word choice. Our readings are focused on oral fluency and expression. The following is an example….

The Stocking (Example for Students)

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Book Trailers

After finishing literature circle books, 6th graders worked in groups to create book trailers. While reading students focused on author’s word choice, visualization, prediction, and inference. In group discussions and book trailer work, students had to work collaboratively in groups. We practiced active listening, responding, and presenting. Check out what the students’ produced…

Bad Boys by Walter Dean Myers

Where the Red Fern Grows Group 2

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Group 3